The European Dermatology Institute in Milan has adopted the SoftMedia software MedMaker


IDE, European Dermatology Institute, is a private healthcare facility, active in Milan since 2001, dedicated to the diagnosis and the medical, surgical and instrumental therapy of dermatological diseases.

Throughout the years, IDE has considerably expanded the number and variety of performance, offering services also in non-dermatological areas such as aesthetic surgery, ultrasound or gynecological examinations.

It is the very variety of performance to make the computer system complex, which on the one hand must be able to handle the peculiarities of very different situations, and on the other, it must make homogeneous procedures and standardize basic data.

In 2013, as a result of the change of ownership, IDE decided to abandon the old management system, developed in VB6 language, which by now denounced a noticeable obsolescence.

To enable MedMaker, while making the necessary customizations, it took only a few months.

All the data in the old system have been imported and are now available in MedMaker.

MedMaker has made it possible to speed up many operations and improve customer service