Who we are

SoftPlus (formerly Soft ++) has been active since 1999 in the Information Technology industry by providing innovative software solutions and consulting services to support the most critical business processes.
It is formed by professionals who have been operating for decades in close contact with industry and the university.
The story of SoftPlus includes successful projects in various industrial sectors, particularly textiles, sanitary, metal and furniture, delivering tangible and documentable results.

The main proposals are:

  • MedMaker, Management Software for Medical Polyclinics;
  • Emporium, Management software for furniture, lighting, objects and furnishing accessories;
  • wPlan, Software for Scheduling, Scheduling, and Controlling Sales, Operations, and Supply Chains.

Software developed and proposed by SoftPlus can be easily customized to meet customer needs with low cost and time, and can really improve business performance.