SoftPlus offers its customers experience and expertise by offering the following services:

Mapping Processes, Procedures and Information Systems.

SoftPlus has identified the most suitable tools and methods for describing business processes and information systems.In particular, it uses idef0, one of the most common international standards for generating functional models.It is a modeling technique based on the combination of graphics, texts and glossaries that allows you to create descriptive models with increasing detail level.

Software Selection

Choosing a computer system is often a difficult and risky task, as the company does not have enough elements to make the best decision. Cases of failed projects are in front of everyone’s eyes.
Engaging in an independent and competent consultant allows you to relate to the most competent suppliers, to reach your business goals while saving time and money.

Specific Design and Design Information Systems

SoftPlus can handle writing specifications for software lifecycle, requirements analysis, functional specifications, testing and acceptance procedures.

Competences cover various sectors, in particular textiles, furnishings and healthcare.