MedMaker – Management software for medical Clinics

MedMaker Medical Polyclinics Software has been designed in collaboration with doctors and healthcare professionals to meet the specific needs of various types of facilities.

MedMaker is a new concept software, made using the best functional and technological solutions.

The program manages reservations, visits, examinations, reports, clinical records, workflows, invoices, receipts, materials and medicines, stores and stocks, purchases and payments in an easy and fast way, saving you time and cost.

The strengths point of the MedMaker medical polyclinics software are:

  •  An intuitive interface that makes it easy to learn and fast to use;
  •  The possibility to install it on a company or use it as a service;
  • The opportunity to personalize it with reduced time and cost.

MedMaker complies with the guarantor’s prescriptions regarding electronic health records and personal data protection.

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